7 Must-Read Tips on How To Beat Procrastination

Most of us are familiar with the term “procrastination”. It is the habit of delaying tasks to a later date that is commonly seen among youngsters today. It is essential to beat procrastination if you want to achieve your goals and improve your efficiency. There are times when you might have a deadline hanging over your head, yet you continue postponing the task till the last minute. By being so, you are not only decreasing your competence by also curbing your productivity.

Instead of wrapping off your work in time, you keep fiddling with unnecessary things such as browsing the Internet, scrolling the screen of your cell phone, checking emails, chatting with friends, gossiping etc. In spite of knowing that you should be working, you keep yourself distracted with unimportant tasks. You should not let procrastination rule your life. You should develop a personal goal statement and learn to accomplish your tasks in time. This makes a great impact in shaping your future and also affects the next generation that follows you as an ideal.

Here are some of the must-read tips that will help you understand how to beat procrastination easily. These 7 tips will definitely bring in a change in you. Read them:

1. Find simple things that keep you motivated

Take baby steps towards your goal. First, try to analyse and find that one significant thing that can push you towards doing your job. For instance, I don’t like going to the gym and still work out every day. What I do is tell one of my friends to pick me up while going to the gym. When my friend arrives I am bound to go even if I don’t feel like going.

When I don’t feel like finishing my assignments, I check out the examination dates and calculate the number of days remaining and check how many subjects to complete. This motivates me to finish off my assignments on time. By implementing these tiny moves, you can easily beat procrastination.

2. Talk to yourself about the reason for delay

Talking to oneself is one of the best ways to find solutions to the toughest worries at times. Apply the same here as well. Sit and do some introspection on why you are delaying or want to quit. You will actually understand that there’s not any significant factor that can convince you that you are on the right path. It is mere laziness or fear of failure that delays you. You need to focus on what is ahead of you at this point and go on.

3. Identify the factors that affect your discipline

We all have some factors within us that stop us from being on the track. We need to identify these factors that makes it impossible to be disciplined. Sometimes, I think that I will start doing something after I finish my household work or maybe after I take a short nap. Later, I again pick some other irrelevant tasks which keep me ignoring the actual thing I am supposed to finish. Understanding the importance of a deadline can keep you alert and guide you towards your goal. Also, it might be a good idea to outsource some services if you are overwhelmed. If you have a personal statement due and an upcoming exam, find some personal statement services and you will be able to focus on your exam.

4. Be focused

Being focused is an important factor in achieving your goals. There will always be distractions, but if you remain or regain focus, you are able to achieve your goals effortlessly. Focus is a skill you might have to practice before you become good at it. Meditation can greatly improve your focus, so it might be worth trying.
5. Develop a vision that foresees you at the desired goal

The most important thing that can work you to beat procrastination is building a
personal goal statement. It will not only help you remind you frequently about your goal but also help you become motivated by. Envisioning yourself having achieved your goal will better motivate you to do better and work harder.

6. Understand your willpower

Willpower plays a crucial role in being disciplined. One will either follow their
personal goal statement or refrain themselves from doing so. A person with strong willpower has more tendencies towards goals achieving. It is your willpower that helps you get up from bed every morning otherwise you we’ll all just snooze our alarms and sleep a bit more. Be disciplined and beat procrastination, by almost forcing yourself to do the things you don’t want to do, but have to.

7. Craft a timeline with short deadlines to accomplish tasks
Deadlines may stress us out, but it is important to review your deadlines often. Developing a timeline or routine with proper breaks and refreshments can actually help you reach your goal in time. Be smart and create an effective timeline for yourself today if you are really keen to stop procrastinating.


Procrastination is a big no-no, but we all have experienced a level of procrastination. We like doing things we enjoy and dismiss the tasks that we don’t or the ones that just seems too challenging. You shouldn’t wait until you’re in the mood to do something. Starting, is the biggest hurdle.

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10 Life Hacks You Need to Know for Personal Growth

A sign saying "Growth next exit"

People want to get better every day, the only thing that holds them back is they don’t know where to start. Even famous people with MBA degree sometimes find it difficult to focus on their personal growth. Below is the list of ten simple life hacks that can contribute greatly to your personal development.

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5 Comebacks to Floor Your Brat Teenager

Mother and Teenage Daughter

If you are the parent of a teenager, you’ve probably been asked to “Leave me alone!” — but only after you drop them off at the mall and buy them the latest iPhone. Yep, get used to being to being despised.

As hard as parenting emotional teenagers can be, staying present and keeping the lines of communication free flowing is crucial. A study by the Council of Economic Advisers found that teens who reported not feeling close to their parents were more likely to smoke, drink, abuse drugs and engage in sexual behavior. Yikes! Guess we better figure this thing out.

One of the keys to parenting teenagers with sanity in tact is humor. Laughing about the struggle will not only bring you much-needed stress relief, it will lighten up the whole situation. And if you are looking for ways to laugh your way through the treacherous teenage years, having a repertoire of comebacks is just the thing. Here are six one-liners that will take your teen off guard and might even elicit a laugh or two.

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5 Fun and Inexpensive Day Trip Ideas for Families

A small trip in nature is the best way to spend more time with your loved ones. The ideal destination would be a place with a clean air where the whole family can have a lot of fun!

The room to describe different destinations is small, since there are so many wonderful places you can visit. I recommend you to find a place for yourself, get away from the city hustle and bustle. Stop for a moment right there and take a deep breath. Listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy with those you love. Let these small trips become your new ritual.

Remember that it doesn’t have to cost you a lot to have a good fun. For that purpose, I compiled a list of fun and inexpensive day trip ideas for you and your family. Enjoy it!

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How to Become a Stay at Home Parent: 8 Things to Consider

Stay at home mom and her son

In hard economic times, deciding to turn away a salary is a huge decision to make. Therefore, deciding to become a stay at home parent can be difficult and scary for any man or woman. There are so many things that come into play and so many things to consider.

So, is it a good idea to become a stay at home parent? How do you decide whether or not it’s right thing for you? Hopefully, this will help.

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The Benefits Of Online Life Coaching

Online life coaching helps you transcend

The Internet has forever changed our lives in the way we communicate with each other and help each other. In fact, online communication has opened up possibilities that were previously not available to us.

You’ve probably heard of web therapy. Well, online life coaching is a similar concept in the sense where you are getting the help that you need online instead of traditionally such as face to face or over the phone.

So, why choose online life coaching? Continue reading below to figure out why online life coaching is a life saver.

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How to Be Happier Almost Instantly

10 ways to be happier

It has been said that money can’t buy happiness. And it seems to be true.

A lot of us have this mistaken belief that wealth and success can somehow enable us to reach the level of happiness that we’re seeking, but science has proven that this is not the least bit true.

Indeed, it has been proven that some small acts of kindness, goodwill and thankfulness can lead us to feel happier almost instantly. In specific, some things that can help us are the following: Smiling, meditating, relaxing, laughing, being thankful, loving, socialising, being adventurous, being generous and exercising. Continue reading below to discover how these 10 simple acts can help you reduce stress.

The following infographic by life coach spotter provides some simple science-backed tips to feel happier almost instantly.

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5 Things to Do as a Family to Strengthen Bonds

Family rafting

You are a family, yes, even when it stops feeling that way. The kids are growing up, your partner is buried in work and you are absorbed in your everyday. You not spending time together as a family is something that becomes virtually inevitable. It is down to you now, to put back together what seem like pieces of your family. This is no mean feat and will require some effort from each of you. It is, nevertheless, achievable.

Here are 10 things to do together that will help bridge the gap.

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Business Owners: Why You’re Lacking Creative Thinking

Be Creative

We all have those days where we just feel like we’ve got nothing going on from a creative standpoint. We’d love to come up with the perfect idea, but it just isn’t happening. Why is this the case, and what can be done about it?

Creative thinking isn’t something you can achieve on a constant basis. It requires a perfect mindset and lots of personal growth in order to be harnessed correctly. This is what I’ve found throughout my experiences.

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How to get ahead at work by being smart about things


The age old question of how to progress or get promoted at work. The answer is different for any company, but we can tell you what the answer certainly isn’t. Tripping up others is not a good way to get ahead at work. Even if you temporarily succeed, the chances are you will bite off more than you can chew which will eventually become blaringly obvious.

Be smart about things. Think outside the box. Genuinely invest yourself in the company and keep an eye out for things that could benefit your workplace.

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