Personal Growth Web accepts high quality contributions that are relevant to the topics published on the site:

  • Global Village – anything to do with how our world is becoming a smaller place and people are realizing how much we all have in common. Posts may include environmental protection, global collaboration efforts in the social areas, education and other international issues
  • Learning – how we learn, how to learn better, how to keep learning and how to share our learning
  • Living & Lifestyle – things that make us comfortable and productive and make our life easier and more enjoyable. Product reviews are welcome in this category, but they must be based on personal experience and a desire to share
  • Personal Growth – how to become a better person, how to keep our motivation, how to relax and how to be happy in life
  • Relationships – getting along with other human beings at work, at home and in romantic settings. Posts related to love, dating and the likes should focus on skills and tools that help improve relationships

If you want to write for Personal Growth Web, either once or regularly, please contact me through the form below, including the list the topics you want to write about and include at least 3 references to relevant posts you have already written.

* Contributions are not paid at this stage. Sorry. I plan to share profits with regular authors in the future, though.