Gal BarasMy name is Gal Baras and I’m a consultant and trained life coach, living in Brisbane in Australia.

Before I became a life coach, I was an information technology (IT) professional. I worked with technology and loved it, but computers were always easy for me to understand. The really mysterious entities in my life were the people. Over time, I started managing people and consulting, and I got closer and closer to the human beings around me.

Being a corporate employee, especially in IT, eroded my self-esteem for a long time. My managers always worked for people they didn’t know and who didn’t know them, let alone show them any appreciation, so they passed on the same attitude down the line.

At some point, way before the days of blogging and WordPress, I created a web site called “Heal the World”, where I wanted to have an interactive forum for people around the globe to compare notes and help one another make life easier and better. The model was a world government, with projects in education, health and so on. Unfortunately, at the time I had neither the skills nor the means to make this a success.

Since then, I have learned a lot about how people think and how they relate to others, especially within the framework of a family. My eyes were opened to how my own mind worked, and since this was such a wonderful discovery for me, I figured others would benefit from this knowledge too.

The motto of the site is “Live, Learn, Grow, Share”. I believe that living means being present and noticing what’s going on. When things happen, there is always something we can learn that’s new or a reinforcement of old knowledge. The accumulation of these experiences and learnings makes us bigger people, i.e. we grow from them. Finally, when we are all grown, it’s time for us to share our wisdom with others and unite to make a better world.

So I hope you enjoy this site and share with me and with everyone else your thoughts and even your concerns, and allow us to offer ideas and perspectives that might help. Please  feel free to contribute to this site.

Thank you for reading,