How to Take Action and Care for Your Body

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It’s quite easy to become lax when it comes to taking care of ourselves as adults. Normally, we don’t have that nagging voice in the ear telling us when to sleep or how to eat as our mother’s once did. This sad realization comes to many of us as we stand in front of the mirror after stepping out of the shower. The phrase, “What happened?” usually crosses our minds. Right there is when we make a crucial decision. Do we commit to taking better care of ourselves, or do we put it off until tomorrow? You must fight the urge to procrastinate decisions affecting your physical needs. What do you do when it comes time to take action?

1. Removing Mental Blocks – For many of us, it is the mental blocks that prevent us from taking action and making the right decisions that can improve our lives. In order to commit to a healthier lifestyle, you need to remove those blocks and focus on your goals. These can come in the form of:

  • Procrastination: Putting tasks and commitments off until tomorrow. Take action. If you do them now, they’ll be done.
  • Frustration: When you don’t believe your efforts are improving yourself, even though they may be doing far more good than you realize.
  • Just Once Won’t Hurt: If you can stop at just one of anything, then you wouldn’t be in the predicament you’re in now. In this case, once did hurt – repeatedly.
  • Boredom: We love to be entertained and some workouts or routines can be quite tedious. Spread them out better and try new activities.

2. Determination to Commitment – In today’s world, it’s quite easy to disrupt yourself when you’re trying to become more fit. Sales on candy after a holiday, by two and get one free discounts and miniature candy bars are incredibly easy to come by. You need to focus your efforts and be determined to commit to a healthier you. When standing in the grocery store, realize that there are healthier alternatives to your snacking which may even cost less than the bag of chocolate in your hands. Be convinced you can succeed.

3. Weekly Goals – Set a weekly goal for yourself that you need to surpass. This could be in the form of walking distance, time spent on your feet, exercise routines, or even calculating exactly what you’ve eaten inside of seven days. However, you want to make sure you set realistic goals for yourself. If you set your aims too high, you can easily set yourself up for failure damaging the will to commit to taking care of yourself.

4. Increase Your Activity – As part of setting goals, increase your activity. Depending on how out of shape you truly are, you may have to start off slow. Don’t be frustrated by your lack of stamina or strength to continue; take action. By continued efforts, both of these aspects will gradually increase. After a couple of weeks, you may find that you’re able to sustain twice as much activity as you did once before.

5. Increasing the Water – One of the most important aspects of taking care of your body is realizing the amount of water you need. Realistically, you should be drinking up to 80 ounces of water per day or more. While you may frequent the bathroom more often, it is a way to replenish the fluids you need as well as help suppress the appetite. If you’re feeling like you need to eat throughout the day, drink water instead.

6. Not an Overnight Fix – The most important thing to realize is that this is not going to be an overnight fix. Depending on how far you let yourself go, it’s going to take time and vigilance to continue. There may be a fair amount of physical damage that you are repairing and it will take your body time to recalibrate itself.

Regardless of what diet plans and coaches try to sell you, the ultimate decision for living a better lifestyle is your own. If you have to, keep a picture of yourself in a bathing suit in your wallet. It could help keep you focused when you are deciding to pay for that deluxe combo meal at the drive-through window. Take action and care for your body in a healthy way.

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