Business Owners: Why You’re Lacking Creative Thinking

Be Creative

We all have those days where we just feel like we’ve got nothing going on from a creative standpoint. We’d love to come up with the perfect idea, but it just isn’t happening. Why is this the case, and what can be done about it?

Creative thinking isn’t something you can achieve on a constant basis. It requires a perfect mindset and lots of personal growth in order to be harnessed correctly. This is what I’ve found throughout my experiences.

Break The Mold

The initial few months of owning a business are exciting and unpredictable. That soon wears off. Before long, you’re pretty much doing the same thing on a day-to-day basis. You might not even realise it, but you’ll get into a routine. That routine is then very hard to break, stifling your creativity to a large degree. So, you need to be in a position where you can recognise that you’re sticking too close to what you know. Take a risk, do something different, and see where it takes you.

Quiet please. Creativity in progress

Network With Others

Business owners work hard, and that means they’re often in the office away from everyone else. They might not see their families all that much. They might not see their employees all that much. In fact, they might just live a life of solitary confinement. That’s not good. We need to network in order to generate thought-provoking conversations.

So, let’s say your company deals with renewable energy. Talk to your employees. Get on LinkedIn and make contacts in the renewable energy field. Go to a renewable energy conference and network with like-minded people. You see how it easy it is? Take that idea and put into practice for whatever type of business you’re running.

Take Care Of Your Body

I can’t recommend this enough. If you work yourself to the bone (I’ve done this far too often), you’ll suffer from burnout. This is when your body simply can’t take anymore. Your brain needs a rest; you need to relax, and creative thought all but disappears. It’s very tempting to keep working, but you’ve got to have some downtime. Go and play the latest Call Of Duty game. Go to an Aston Villa football match. Stay at home and just watch Netflix all day! It doesn’t matter what you do; just make sure you take care of yourself and relax.

Be creative

Invest In Your Skills

We’re always learning as business owners, and that means it’s beneficial to invest in your skills. Are you struggling to come up with creative ideas for your latest stationery designs, for example? Take a course in product design and see what you come away with. Are you struggling to come up with great marketing video concepts that your business relies on producing? Take a course in video marketing! You might learn some important information. Or, it might just help you to regain those creative qualities you’d temporarily misplaced.

Put these ideas into practice, and you’ll be a creative mastermind sooner rather than later. But remember; patience is a virtue!

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