The word “lesson” makes most people see themselves sitting in a class with a teacher talking at the front. Many times, it brings up extra homework and fear about being tested on subjects learned. What a shame, because life is a long lesson, with lots of work (at home and outside of home) and daily tests!

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A very common human expression is “I wish I could go back in time and change something.Then my life would be different. I wish I could have a second chance”. Let’s explore this a bit, shall we?

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In recent years, there is a booming industry of self-proclaimed personal growth gurus, who claim to be able to unparalleled impart wisdom on the masses without leaving the comfort of their home, through the Internet or the telephone or maybe from the stage. To a certain extent, this works, because many more people get information and knowledge they could not afford or technically access otherwise. But here’s the problem: much of what we need to discover in life is PERSONAL, and no matter how good a public program is, personal growth is, well, personal. So these programs do a great job of awakening people and giving them a taste of something good. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? …

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Yesterday, I met a young man for the first time for a life coaching session. He told me a little bit about himself, and one of the things that stood out for me was that he was 21 years old and said he was going to have a baby soon. Throughout the session, I noticed he seemed to be worried, and whenever I mentioned his imminent parenthood, he sank in his chair and his face fell. Now, my own 3 kids are a source of pure joy and pride for me and, being an experienced father and a parenting coach, I felt I needed to say something to make him feel easier. So I traveled back in my head to …

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In the past few years, there has been a proliferation of seminars, mainly around wealth creation, Internet marketing and personal growth.  Various “gurus”, like Anthony Robbins, made this style of training for the masses popular and more and more people attend, in hope of becoming rich, successful and happy. However, if you’ve attended any such seminar, you have probably come out of it wanting more and thinking “Gosh, this gives me so much, but I’m not much better off now than I was before.  What’s going on here?” What’s going on is that most of these seminars operate at the general level.  They are tailored for a “standard person”, and, more often than not, are mainly a very elaborate method …

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