How to Be Happier Almost Instantly

It has been said that money can’t buy happiness. And it seems to be true.

A lot of us have this mistaken belief that wealth and success can somehow enable us to reach the level of happiness that we’re seeking, but science has proven that this is not the least bit true.

Indeed, it has been proven that some small acts of kindness, goodwill and thankfulness can lead us to feel happier almost instantly. In specific, some things that can help us are the following: Smiling, meditating, relaxing, laughing, being thankful, loving, socialising, being adventurous, being generous and exercising. Continue reading below to discover how these 10 simple acts can help you reduce stress.

The following infographic by life coach spotter provides some simple science-backed tips to feel happier almost instantly.

10 ways to be happier

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