Improve Health and Happiness by Cleaning the Air in Your Home

Pot plants on a table help clean the air

We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, yet how often do we consider the air quality of our homes? Polluted air is often linked to traffic filled streets and coal burning factories, but pollutants released outside will disperse easily. Our homes lock in dirty air and contribute to the onset of asthma and even lung cancer. You can improve wellbeing by spending time in nature, but for when you are home, here are some steps you can take to clean up the air.

Remove Toxic Chemicals

The list of products that pollute the air in your home is endless: cookers, cleaning products, moisturizers and air fresheners all mean that the air indoors is dirtier than outdoors. Luckily, there are natural alternatives for most of these things.

For instance, your coal burning fireplace or gas cooker could both be replaced with electric alternatives. While it is an expensive and time consuming process, switching to wind or solar energy is the biggest step you can take to reduce pollution.

If, however, you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap fix, only purchase furniture advertised as formaldehyde-free. This means getting rid of anything made of plywood or particleboard. These materials often contain glue, which releases harmful solvents. If inhaled over an extended period of time, these solvents will begin to damage the lungs.

When it comes to cleaning your furniture, avoid bleach or chlorine and opt for natural alternatives. These can be purchased from a retailer or homemade using water, bicarbonate of soda, lemon and vinegar. You’ll be amazed at how effective these more gentle cleaners are. They will also leave you financially better off.

Use Houseplants

Indoor greenery has been shown to lower stress and improve mental health. The calming effects of nature are well documented and so bringing a touch of nature indoors can only be a good thing.

However, houseplants are more than just decoration. They will remove carbon dioxide from the air, while releasing clean oxygen. By filling your living space with potted plants and flowers, you can be sure the air you are breathing is clean and safe.

Improve Ventilation

Even if you use all the natural cleaners and fill your home with plants, some pollutants will remain. This will often be due to dust on furniture and carpets. The solution to these hard to reach pollutants is adequate ventilation. Ensure extractor fans are clean and left running for as long as possible.

You can also air out your house by simply leaving windows open. You may feel a little chilly, but allow yourself to enjoy the flow of clean air. Smaller windows with small openings should be replaced with large windows that open fully for the best effect.

Many people overlook air quality as part of their personal and spiritual growth, but it can have a major impact on wellbeing. If you are feeling unhappy and an improvement in sleep, diet and exercise isn’t quite doing the trick, then consider cleansing your home of dirty air.

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Now working as a writer, Jackie started her career in finance and banking, but after becoming a mom refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she's not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also is passionate about gardening and the environment.

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