5 Things to Do as a Family to Strengthen Bonds

Family rafting

You are a family, yes, even when it stops feeling that way. The kids are growing up, your partner is buried in work and you are absorbed in your everyday. You not spending time together as a family is something that becomes virtually inevitable. It is down to you now, to put back together what seem like pieces of your family. This is no mean feat and will require some effort from each of you. It is, nevertheless, achievable.

Here are 10 things to do together that will help bridge the gap:

1.Catch a Game

Whatever sport it is that brings you together – Basketball, Football, Soccer or Tennis – can do the trick. Book the best seats in the house and make sure everyone is on time! Take the car and go together. Horde on snacks for the way and make a mess of things, what’s an outing without a little mess? Seat the kids in the center so that they don’t stray away and don’t forget about those lip smacking Frankfurters you need to binge on while cheering your favourite team on!

2.Eat Out

Exotic food is the way to go. Something the little ones have never tried. Portuguese or Thai is what you should start off with. Pick on a day of the week to dine out and follow through ardently! Make a night of it and top it off with some icy pole on the way back and don’t forget to indulge in conversation. Get to know your babies, what’s new with them?


Be gracious about your gifts and do it as a family. Give back. Volunteer at a shelter or a home for the elderly. It is a beautiful thing to help someone in need or give the lonely, some company. Teach your kids the importance of being grounded and learn a little along the way, yourself. Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for growth and bonding alike.

4.Treasure Hunt

Plan a treasure hunt around your yard. Hide things beforehand and have the treasure map and the X mark and things sorted before the kids wake up. Surprise them with it at breakfast. Watch them go at it and help out with clues and give nothing away. This makes for a perfect Sunday Afternoon activity. Become a child again!

5.Cook From The Heart

Cook with the family. Give little tasks to your little ones, allow them to feel that their participation is of importance. Make something you all enjoy eating, meat and 3 veg sounds just right. Sit down to eat together, this will be something you won’t forget.

A family is somewhat like a sapling. Only with ardent nurturing will it grow. Neglect will result in its wilting and eventual demise. Be a part of the family and make sure everyone else in the family does too. Go on roadtrips or nature walks and get to know the people under your roof!

Happy Parenting!

Ambika Akhoury

Ambika Akhoury is aspiring writer and hopes to write screenplays someday. She currently writers for Tinystep, a parenting and childcare platform that's on the rise. She is a vehicle enthusiast and a movie buff. She also does her fare share of reading and absolutely adores children.

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