6 Hacks to Learn Anything Faster

learn anything faster

In life, there are people who can learn anything faster in the blink of an eye and others might need a bit longer to learn a simple concept or theory. Math tutors will know this fact more than any other academy tutor regardless of the industry they major in.

In this article, however, I will highlight and showcase the 5 hacks anyone can use to learn anything (yes, anything) much faster than usual.

1. Review your errors

It’s a life truth that you learn better from your mistakes. Any mistakes you have made in the past act as a pinpoint reference for you to better yourself. Reviewing them even for the shortest amount of time will help understand where your problem-solving skills let you down.

This hack is fantastic as you gain a pure understanding of how you approached the problem before, where you went took the wrong turn and you become stronger at the problem.

2. Apply math to real world problems

Numbers, numbers and more numbers make things get confusing. Not many people, if any people at all see life in numbers. Much of what we see in life is in color or using symbols and images. Applying real-world problems when learning a new theory especially when approaching math is secret hack that helps many people learn extremely fast.

Practical applications help change your outlook on theories. When you can easily associate a concept with a regular real-life application you can assimilate ideas quickly.

Young man in a library, learn anything faster

3. Learn anything faster by going to sleep

Yep, you heard me go to sleep. Sleeping is important when it comes to holding onto what you have learned. Sleeping in between your study sessions can greatly boost your brains recalling power even up to six months later, according to new research published in Psychological Science

4. Lie to yourself

When you jolt out of learning mode you feel tired and start thinking of excuses to not do the task, e.g. clean your desk, watch YouTube videos on the topic you are learning or worse sleep (without learning anything).

Lying to yourself actually helps you to learn faster. One way of doing this is to force yourself to smile as you study. Studies have highlighted that faking a smile can positively affect our emotion. Lie to yourself until you are actually enjoying learning. You’ll find that learning becomes easy and that you pick up on topics much faster.

Learning new topics isn’t easy, especially when it comes to math, but this hack definitely eases the pressure.

learn anything faster

5. Deadlines

Not only are deadlines scary but they can push anybody to do anything faster. Why should it be different when it comes to learning? Giving yourself deadlines to learn anything faster is a hack so many people ignore, especially when it comes to math. They say practice makes perfect but when is the date or time of perfection or achievement?

Setting deadlines makes the process seem less draining and monotonous but more of an adrenaline activity, inducing more concentration and more learning.

6. Keep going hard, even when you succeed

The rush you get when you succeed is exactly the energy you can utilize and take advantage of to learn faster. You are feeling proud of yourself because you tackled a certain issue. You feel on top of the world. A new issue will not phase you as much as before.

Then, keep those releases of dopamine that are making you feel good on high, if you quit you will feel a bit low and depressed which will not help you learn faster.

Learning doesn’t have to be hard. Hope these tips can help you learn in the most efficient way possible in the shortest time. Don’t keep on learning the hard way when there are proven ways to make studying easier.

Have fun learning,

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